Years of new-build development experience in the Salisbury area

While the majority of our work at DJH Property Services relates to existing properties, we also have a wealth of experience with new-build project work. We have a detailed understanding of the process, the paperwork, the legality and the build of new developments, and we are therefore able to provide a comprehensive service that doesn’t just include the maintenance side, but the full construction of the property.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that the build quality of new developments in our local area is maintained for the future, and the reputation of Salisbury itself is preserved. It is this passion, combined with our experience and training, that makes us the company to come to if you require new development services.

If you have a plot that is for sale, or if you have a property that you require to be built, you can come to us. We are on hand to make sure that you property is built and set up to the highest possible standard. New builds require the same care and attention as specialist work on older properties. At DJH Property Services, our expertise and attention to detail is the same, no matter what the project may be. From full wiring and plumbing installation services, to roofing and physical construction and foundation work, we have got you covered with your vision for new properties or developments.

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